Welcome to Hamco Walker Paper and the new home of Hamco Data Products! For the past 30 years, Hamco Walker and Hamco Data Products have taken great care of their customers in Iowa, Minnesota and surrounding states from two separate warehouses. Although we have now consolidated to one warehouse, we continue to offer next-day service anywhere in Iowa, Minnesota and outlying areas. We are also committed to maintaining our presence in both states to enable us to nurture and grow our partnerships with all our customers, past, present and future.

Save money by partnering with our family, not a website, and enjoy the benefits we have provided for over 30 years! Our prices have always earned us the business, but it is our customer service and personal touch that has kept our customers coming back. Our ultimate goal is still to build a long-lasting relationship that is beneficial to both parties, the customer and Hamco Walker/Data Products.

Our commitment to our customers still remains the same - High quality products, unsurpassed customer service and consistent, competitive pricing. Our expanded product line now includes:

  • POS thermal paper rolls
  • Single ply bond paper
  • Carbonless paper
  • Credit card receipts
  • Printer ribbons
  • High quality crayons
  • Trash can liners
  • Napkin bands
  • Children's placemats
  • All types of printer and fax cartridges, Inkjet and LaserJet OEM cartridges and a generic line.

We believe in US-made products and in supporting the US economy. Our paper is manufactured in Wisconsin and converted in North Carolina. Other paper roll suppliers cannot make those claims. Build in the USA and buy in the USA is what our country and our economy needs! Our ink cartridges are also made in the US and have been tested and proven over and over again to be the best overall value by several national chains! Buying the cheapest cartridge gets you the cheapest quality cartridge. Longevity and consistency are the real measures of value in terms of ink cartridges. Foreign, cheap, low quality ink cartridges are available to almost every distributor. Hamco Walker/Data Products refuses to give our customers a sub-standard product when we know our high quality product for pennies more is actually a better deal! No hassles, no concerns and no damaged printers.

Another commitment that makes partnering with Hamco Walker/Data Products a simple task is the acceptance of all major brands of credit cards. With no credit card information held online or on our computers, we guarantee the safety and privacy of our customers' information.

Placing an order is made simple with several options. Obviously calling in your order is our preference, as we look forward to talking with each and every customer. It makes our day a lot more enjoyable when we get to hear how things are going in your neighborhood! Emailing your order to orders@hamcowalkerpaper.com is becoming more and more popular as everyone's lives continue to get busier and more things are done on the fly! Emailing also allows us to respond back to you, confirming your order. The final option is to fax your order in. Although we are unable to respond back, this method has proven trustworthy as well, since our customers are able to put in writing the items they want and the address it is being shipped to.

Whether you need to order 1 case or 50 cases of thermal paper, printer ribbons, crayons or heavy duty trash can liners, Hamco Walker/Data Products is the #1 choice in the Midwest! Family owned and operated for over 30 years, we continue to surpass our customers' expectations as we make every effort to raise the bar of excellence over other POS paper vendors. Give us a call and find out why we continue to grow every year! We look forward to the opportunity to partner with you and your company!

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